QBIT Networks

World's First Educative Blockchain

Secure, Interoperable & Scalable blockchain Ecosystem

Why Choose $KNB?

Qbit Networks is ready for other projects to migrate their tokens to take advantage of performant transactions with more liquidity options and native marketplace features.

Faster Transactions

Qbit Networks transactions are confirmed in approx. 5 seconds, which is 30 times faster than Bitcoin and 10 times faster than Litecoin. With virtually no limit to the number of transactions that can be processed, and the creation of blocks that decreases to 4 seconds in the event of pending transactions and negligible fees make KNB the ideal currency for daily payments.


Qbit Networks Blockchain is quite unlimited because it’s smart contract capable, fast, scalable, and EVM compatible. Example use cases for KNB Coin and QNB20 Token on Qbit Network Blockchain Include:


$KNB is the native currency of the Qbit Networks Blockchain

About Securing

KNB Will secure all assets with a multi-layer technology that will combines the latest breakthroughs in cryptography and hardware isolation.

Investment Projects

$KNB network and all the investment programs that will add value to the economy of the community and KNB ecosystem.

Launchpad & NFT marketplace UI

We are designing a User friendly interface for best experience, which will be among the best in the crypto space.


At the moment our solid team members make up the efficient planning of the company, positively adding great profits to our investors.

KNB Coin

$KNB Coin will also be the operations currency in all of our utilities & platform, both NFT purchase, which provide special benefits.


We focus on building strong community of investors who are ready to support the project to a long time success, KNB now and become part of this revolution.


650,000,000 KNB Native Coins

Qbit NFT Marketplace

Comming Soon!


Qbit Networks Blockchain

The Power of our Blockchain

Ethereum EVM Compatible

Supports all the existing Ethereum tooling with faster finality and cheaper transaction fees. Smart Contract, Decentralized Apps.

Easy Add Metamask Wallet

Just need 1 click to configure and use your metamask wallet with us, Compatible with Trust Wallet Web

Hardware Wallet Support

Qbit Networks Blockchain supports Hardware wallets Ledger, Trezor, more wallets comming soon!

New Security Protocol for All

First blockchain with secure protocol called KdT " Know Development Team "

Qbit Networks Academy

Fast blockchain focused on audio visual technical education & Earn

Fast & Secure Transactions

Just 4 or 5 Seconds for & internal transactions Supports over
100k transactions at full capacity

Token Details

Total Supply

$KNB 100,000,000


1% is distribuited to all holders


2% each transaction is added to liquidity

Marketing, development and operation Wallet

3% is sent to project MDO wallet

Frequently asked questions

Qbit Networks will be listed at QbitSwap on Polygon Network & QbitSwap

The $KNB team currently trades with several well-known exchanges, our goal is one of the top 20

Qbit is 100% EVM Compatible and can be use all ethereum features!

Ofcourse, after the lauch of our KDT protocol all the Dapps could be developed

Yes, any Ethereum Compatible smart contract can be deploy!