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The new Information and Communication Technologies have significantly strengthened the link between human beings. Within this context, cryptocurrencies represent the way the world seeks to expand its economic and financial exchanges, beyond the hegemonic structure of the traditional financial system. Kronobit represents the currency that will revolutionize aid systems regardless of borders, Cultures, Creeds or Races, the only objective is to serve others in the most difficult and delicate moments, this coin is similar to what happened in the 90's with the arrival of the Internet, Cell Phones and Intelligent Systems, which opened many options to reach all corners of the planet.
Our Features

It is the first 100% Community & Humanitarian Digital Currency issued by a group of investors who are concerned about others


Kronobit will have WAVES Blockchain, which will make it a transparent digital financial tool, backed by Assets for Online Sales, Advertising, Investments, which will facilitate confidence in its acquisition and exchange.

Great Versatility

It is a financial exchange tool at the macro, meso and micro economic level, which allows the mobility of resources at any level and the digital transformation of them into their equivalent in any type of currency or cryptocurrency.

Fast and Safe

Fast, Safe, Reliable, as well as 100% decentralized system that provides security and legal guarantees for investment and commercial and financial exchange with this digital currency.

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